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Mobile Phone Policy Example

Below is a copy of the Cell Phone Policy from

Daniel D. Przybyl, CGCIO
Director of Information Technology
Orange Water and Sewer Authority
400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro, NC 27510






The purpose of this Administrative Guide is to outline the procedures regarding the
responsibilities and use of cellular phones and mobile hand held devices (all of which are
referred to as cell phones in this Guide).



With the approval of the Department Director and subject to funds available and the
provisions of this guide, OWASA pays for cell phones and cell phone service for
employees who have a job-related need. Cell phone usage shall comply with all
applicable local, State and Federal regulations.



OWASA-maintained cell phones
1. OWASA shall own and maintain certain cell phones that are shared among
employees (e.g., on-call phones). OWASA-maintained cell phones are OWASA
property and must be returned as requested.
2. Employees shall use OWASA-maintained cell phones and communications
equipment for official business only. No personal use is permitted.
Employee-maintained cell phones
1. For employees with a business need, OWASA will pay for, or reimburse employees
for the cost of a cell phone and provide a taxable stipend to compensate employees
for their purchase of a cell phone plan. The Department Director shall determine the
business need and shall be responsible for approving the cost of the cell phone and
amount of the stipend.
2. Based on need and subject to the Department Director’s approval, OWASA will pay
for, or reimburse employees for the cost of replacing their cell phone after two years
from the date of the employee’s previous cell phone purchase.
3. Based on need and subject to the approval of the Department Director, OWASA will
pay for, or reimburse employees for the cost of accessories, replacement batteries and
equipment repairs.OWASA will not pay for, or reimburse employees for the cost of equipment
insurance or extended warranties.
5. Cell phone stipends shall be in an amount sufficient, after taxes, to pay for the
reasonable and appropriate business use of the cell phone. As a condition for
receiving the stipend, the employee shall provide OWASA with the cell phone
number. The phone shall be available as needed for conducting OWASA-related
business. Employees shall have sole responsibility for paying all obligations under
their cell phone contract. The following guidelines apply to cell phone stipends:
Business Need Stipend Amount
Phone service only $50.00
Phone service plus unlimited text (for Win911 users) $75.00
Phone service plus data (for email) $125.00
6. Employees may select any vendor or cell phone plan.
7. In the event that the cost of reasonable and appropriate business use of the cell phone
exceeds the stipend, the employee may submit a request for reimbursement to their
Department Director for approval. Evidence of, and justification for the work-related
usage will be required.
8. OWASA may reimburse an employee for the cost to replace a phone lost or broken
during working hours once during any two-year period. The employee may submit a
request for reimbursement to their Department Director for approval.
9. If an employee separates from OWASA during the term of their cell phone contract
the employee has the option of (1) keeping their cell phone plan at their own expense,
or (2) cancelling the plan and having OWASA reimburse the employee for the early
termination fee. However, the amount of the reimbursement for an early termination
fee shall not exceed $200. The employee must submit proof of the termination fee
prior to receiving reimbursement.
10. Employee-maintained cell phones are the property of the employee and may be used
for personal use. However:
a. Usage during working hours must comply with all OWASA Administrative
Guides and Policies.
b. Personal usage that incurs additional costs is the responsibility of the employee.
11. Safety is OWASA’s highest priority. Employees may not use cell phones, two-way
radios or any other mobile device while driving or operating OWASA vehicles or
equipment or while operating their own vehicle while on official OWASA business.

Failure to follow the requirements herein may be considered a violation of Group II
Standards of Section 17 Disciplinary Action of the Human Resources Policy.
This Administrative Guide on Cellular Telephones and Hand Held Devices supersedes
the previous administrative guide dated January 15, 2009.
This amended Administrative Guide is effective October 15, 2010.

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