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Updated SRS Report for Project

Forgot how I did this so I’m bloggin it:

1) Login to remote system with A.D. credentials that will allow you to run a CRM FilteredQuery Report

2) Open CRM and Edit Report from CRM

3) Download Report to a local location (e:\dev\custom reports)


3) Launched Report Builder 2.0



4) Update the DataSet1 query

5) Connect to database using SQL Server Management Studio on remote machine and connect with Windows credentials. This will allow you to run the CRM Filtered query successfully.

6) Copy – Paste query into New Query Window in SQL Server Management Studio

7) Adjust query till it is what you want

8 ) Save the query back into the Report.

9) I had to change the Data Source in the report to a embedded one. This allowed the new DataSet fields to refresh (I had a problem with my reports using the CRM shared connection)



10) Uploaded the new .rdl report in CRM



10a) If CRM throws an error, there is something wrong with the report. Go back to Report Builder and fix it.

11) Made sure the ‘Administration > ‘Viewable By’ was set to Organization




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