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Office SharePoint Server for Internet Sites Licensing

This posting was very important regarding how to properly budget for a MOSS roll-out.

Office SharePoint Server for Internet Sites Licensing


Given this topology, here are the licensing requirements:

  1. Every server requires Windows 2003 Standard Edition or greater.
    You don’t need Enterprise unless your machines have 8 processors. Included are 5 user or device CALs which will be sufficient.
  2. All three MOSS servers require MOSS for Internet Sites.
    Whilst you are able to mix editions within a farm, for this scenario it doesn’t make sense for the Index server to use the Enterprise License + CALs as it’s data is being accessed by the external users (via the WFEs).
  3. Your SQL Servers require SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition per Processor.
    We don’t need SQL Enterprise unless we are doing advanced management. Per Processor licensing is the only option here as we don’t know the number of users. From a licensing perspective, it doesn’t matter if we’re using clustering or mirroring or something else for resilience here. However if you are running an active-passive cluster you only need the licenses for the processors on your active node. If you are doing clustering you require Enterprise Edition of Windows Server. Thanks to Tadas Aukstakalnis.
  4. Every box requires the Windows External Connector.
    Yes, every box needs it. Whilst you may think neither SQL or the Index Server are on the Internet, they still need the external connector as their data is accessed over the Internet.

US Retail List Pricing (23rd May 2008)



unit cost



MOSS (2xWFE, 1xIndex)






Windows External Connector




Windows 2003 R2 Standard





SQL (2 node cluster, 2x CPU each)


SQL Server 2005 Standard CPU*




Windows External Connector




Windows 2003 R2 Standard







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