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What is a CIO vs VP of Technology vs ….

When people ask me what is my ideal job, I have a hard time telling them since it consists of a few different sets of responsibilities. I found these definitions of a CIO, a VP Of Technology and Director of Product Management. Thought it was a good differentiation.

So now I can say, based on these definitions, my ideal job is right in the 20% VP of Technology, 20% CIO,  20% Product Development, 20% Lead Developer, and 20% BA/Tester/Trainer.


The CIO contributes to the organization through vision, strategy definition, communication, and implementation. S/he conducts strategic workforce planning, creating and communicating consistent standards of performance, and creating a high performance culture. The CIO will be expected to grow future leaders by giving them accountability and opportunities for growth…

VP of Technology

Establishes current and long-range technology strategy for key products and solutions for efficient and effective solution delivery. Provides technical solutions expertise, and industry knowledge base to support sales and marketing efforts including pre-sales support, job costing and management of customer engagements. Oversees management of software development teams responsible for new system development. Ensuring…

Directory of Product Development

Lead cross-functional teams to translate customer needs and technology directions into product definitions. Design and establish overall product features based on customer feedback. Establish processes for management of the product requirements throughout their lifecycle. Create and manage processes for product releases. Research and analyze competitive products…

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