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Selling EA and anything else

From a LinkedIn discussion about”What we need EA”

JD B. • @Wanderson – In a different forum the question was asked “how do I sell a value proposition?” The answer was “Make a clear distinction between (1) Creating a value proposition, (2) Communicating the value proposition, and (3) Communicating the value proposition plan?
# 1, the actual value proposition, should always include (a) the types of value – monetary, utility/functional, quality, perceptual/psychological – being created and (b) the business and customer perspectives of ‘the value’. McKinsey have a very interesting article on value perception/purchasing reasons in a Q4, 2010 retail survey. In summary, the results were: Utility 40%, monetary 34%, Quality 14.5%, and perceptual 11.5%
#2, A simple approach for #2 is emphasizing Value, Value, and Value, and how the Value will be created.
#3, A workable approach for #3 is When, What, Why, How, Who, and Where.
The point is that if the question had been, as it so often is, about Enterprise Architecture, the answer would be the same. It’s all about freaking value Dude 🙂

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